Triple H Thanks France For Backlash Reception, Discusses Further International PLEs

Triple H has provided an update on the future of international WWE PLEs going forward after a successful WWE Backlash show in Lyon, France.

At the Backlash post-show press conference, Triple H went into detail about the several international events that WWE has already scheduled this year including Bash In Berlin in Germany, King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia, and Money in the Bank in Canada. "The Game" also mentioned another country he sees potential in hosting a future WWE PLE.  


"I think you see the commitment now to international markets. As I said, I would expect this not to be the last time in France. From what I heard on this tour the last few days, Italy was quite crazy. So when I get home, I will be looking heavily into Italy ... people hit me on social media from various international markets asking, 'How do we get WWE here?' You get it by doing what France did here. You get it by being loud. You get those events by being intense, by being crazy and being passionate about WWE."

Triple H also thanked the fans in France for their incredible support throughout both "WWE Smackdown" and Backlash and even explained how he could barely hear the people sitting beside him. "The biggest thing I want to do is thank the fans. Wow. Just what an incredible experience. I do not know that I have ever had a moment when a show starts, where I am sitting next to somebody and we are yelling at each other and we cannot hear, not because the monitors or the speakers are too loud, we had everything off, the crowd is so loud where we run the show from that,  we literally could not hear each other talking. That is quite an accomplishment."


The next international WWE PLE will be the King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia on May 25.