Bully Ray Reacts To Chris Jericho Vs. Katsuyori Shibata On AEW Dynamite

Last week on "AEW Dynamite," Chris Jericho continued the establishment of his new "Learning Tree" gimmick with a successful FTW Championship defense against Katsuyori Shibata. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio" following the show, Bully Ray shared that he saw a negative reaction to the match online, but he happened to disagree with the consensus.


"I thought it was entertaining," Bully said. "Now I'm gonna say something that's going to piss off a lot of AEW fans. ... Shibata might be a great pro wrestler but he's boring as hell."

The WWE Hall of Famer called the former NJPW star "very vanilla," and said that fans who enjoy watching wrestlers hurt each other in the ring will like him. However, according to Bully, Shibata doesn't typically offer any actual entertainment to some of the more casual audience members, though the radio host believes that may be changing with AEW's recent presentation of the performer.

"Here's where I'm really going to piss people off — AEW is treating Shibata like the WWE would treat Shibata," Bully continued. "They're making him 'entertaining.' Whether that's him using Siri to do the talking for him, which always gets a pop out of me, [or] tonight with the match against Jericho. FTW Rules basically mean the rules are: there ain't no rules."


Bully cited the use of hockey equipment and a trash can in the match between Shibata and Jericho as elements that made him more interested in the match compared to a standard Shibata bout. The former WWE star said the goal of wrestling is to entertain people, and he believes Shibata and Jericho succeeded at that on the most recent "Dynamite."

"I'm finally seeing some personality out of Shibata," Bully concluded.

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