Will Ospreay Recalls Working AEW All In, Praises Tony Khan's B**** For Running Wembley

AEW star Will Ospreay has looked back on one of the biggest moments of his, and potentially many other's careers, All In London at Wembley Stadium. Ospreay was brought in as a special attraction for AEW's biggest show in history, where he wrestled and defeated Chris Jericho in what many consider one of the best matches on the show.


Ospreay still can't believe that he wrestled Jericho at Wembley Stadium, explaining on "AEW Unrestricted" that it was like living in a dream. "I can't tell you how amazing it was," Ospreay said. "The moment Elevated started hitting and people reacted and I could hear them, and you're like 'flipping hell they know the song,' and as you're walking down you're hearing row, after row, after row as you're walking, and they're singing the song like 'oh my god you know the words?' Then you're looking up and fireworks are shooting over the top of you and you're just like 'it's like some mad little dream isn't it?'

The former NJPW stalwart went on to say that there are some incredible wrestlers who will never get the chance to perform at Wembley Stadium, which speaks volumes as to where AEW is as a company, and the risks Tony Khan is willing take based solely on how much he trusts his roster. "Tony had the b***s because he believes in his roster, he believes in the guys that are putting their bodies on the line to give every fan that has just enjoyed professional wrestling something just to crave and something to be excited for." Ospreay rounded off by expressing his excitement for AEW's return to Wembley Stadium this August, and the fact that this time around he's a full-time roster member.