Ric Flair Restaurant Footage Surfaces, AEW Star Says Piesanos Staff Disrespected Him

On Monday, news emerged regarding an incident involving Ric Flair at a Piesanos Stone Oven Pizza restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, where Flair claimed he was asked to leave after a dispute with a kitchen manager over using a restroom. Flair's claims prompted the manager of a sister Piesanos to claim Flair was "drunk and disorderly," as well as swinging furniture around, while the Gainesville Piesanos co-owner claimed the video evidence proved his staff acted accordingly, refusing to elaborate further or to make the video available.


Despite that, video of the incident has now been made available after being posted to TikTok yesterday afternoon. In the video, Flair can be seen chastising members of the Piesanos staff, claiming to have not done anything wrong, and saying his treatment would be bad for Piesanos and that they should "watch social media tomorrow." After further insulting one staff member, Flair brought up the bathroom incident, with the staff member saying Flair accosted the kitchen manager and "cussed" at him, which Flair denied.

Flair later offered an $1,000 tip to another Piesanos staff member to tell the employee he was arguing with to "kiss my ass." The AEW star would even go as far to challenge the employee to go outside and fight him and accused them of kicking him out of the restaurant, which was denied, as the staff member claimed Flair was only being "cut off." Towards the end of the video, Flair would be thrown out after insulting the employee further, and had words with another patron, who offered to take Flair's offer to "talk outside."



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