Ric Flair Says Pizza Place Threw Him Out, Manager Says Flair Was 'Drunk And Disorderly'

Having not been seen on AEW programming since Sting's retirement back at AEW Revolution, while also being left off Vice TV's upcoming "Who Killed WCW?" docuseries, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has found himself with plenty of time on his hands. That wasn't a great thing this past weekend, however, when Flair found himself in a bit of a spat with a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, while attending the University of Florida graduation ceremony.


Taking to X on Sunday afternoon, Flair claimed that after spending $1,500 at Piesanos Stone Fire Pizza in Gainesville, he was "disrespected more than I ever have in my entire life" when the restaurant asked him to leave. Flair stated they did so because he had an issue with the kitchen manager, who Flair said was "taking too long in the bathroom." He advised fans who wanted to dine in Gainesville to avoid Piesanos, before ending the tweet with his trademark "Wooo!"


Only an hour after Flair's claim, a Fredreisch von Schnertzenpheffer also took to X, claiming to be the manager of another Piesanos restaurant in nearby Archer. von Schnertzenpheffer claimed Flair was "drunk and disorderly" at the Gainesville Piesanos, to the point he even "wooed" in the face of a blind grandmother. He also accused Flair of picking up furniture and swinging it around "menacingly."

The story would later reach "The Gainesville Sun," which reached out to the Gainesville Piesanos co-owner, Jerry Roberts, for comment. Roberts told "The Sun" that "the evidence was clear" regarding why Flair was removed, though he declined to elaborate. Roberts confirmed the restaurant had video evidence of Flair's incident, though he stated they had no plans on airing it, and that the Piesanos team "worked professionally to ensure the safety of staff and guests."