Drew McIntyre Explains Why The 2024 WWE Draft Was 'Perplexing And Stupid'

Drew McIntyre isn't going anywhere anytime soon, having signed a lucrative new deal to remain with WWE for several years, and currently being featured in an A-list storyline with fellow marquee attraction CM Punk. Considering that, some fans were surprised to see his name picked so late in the 2024 WWE Draft, where he was selected third overall in the third round during night two. McIntyre was asked if he was satisfied with his standing in the draft on "The Pat McAfee Show."


"I don't know the right word for it," McIntyre told McAfee. "It's just — this is stupid. This is actually stupid ... It doesn't even make me angry, it just perplexed me." Many fans and pundits felt the 2024 WWE Draft was underwhelming, with many wrestlers failing to switch brands at all, sort of diminishing the novelty behind the concept. And then there are those within the industry, such as WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr., who think the idea is past its prime altogether. McIntyre wondered why he was chosen so late, considering he's one of the few stars on today's roster that still look like a larger-than-life "body guy" from yesteryear.

"If that's how you feel, I'll keep proving you wrong," McIntyre said. "I'm going to keep putting in the work and going to keep making sure I keep looking like a WWE Superstar. It seems like these days I'm constantly being asked, 'Why don't half the roster look like wrestlers?'... A lot of our roster aren't larger-than-life and pass that 'Airport Test.' They walk through an airport and your eyes are drawn to them and you can't figure out why. You don't have to be my size to have that. But for goodness sake, at least look like an athlete."