Freddie Prinze Jr. Discusses The 2024 WWE Draft

The annual WWE draft recently returned, this time to coincide with the NFL draft. The draft was spread out over an episode of SmackDown and the following RAW. NXT talent was eligible for the draft as well. This made for the most exciting parts of the draft as there wasn't a lot of movement between brands. The draft was hyped up with various returns to announce draft picks. Bully Ray and D-Von, JBL, and Teddy Long were some of the former wrestlers brought back.  On "Wrestling with Freddie", Freddie Prinze, Jr. shared his thoughts on the draft. He is generally not a fan of WWE's draft. 


"It's a switcher-roo, not a's more like Red Rover than it is the draft," Prinze joked, comparing the draft to the popular playground game.

"I wasn't a fan of it," Prinze admitted. "Look, I liked what they tried to do. The rules, they tried to make it [like the NFL]. But then they should've gone deeper with that and shown the disappointment when a couple of their talents get stolen, but not many did. Pretty much everyone stayed."

Prinze likes the idea of the war rooms, but thinks WWE could've gone farther with the ideas, especially since everyone is in the same building for the most part.

"Still, there should've been backstage moments there where Nick Aldis [SmackDown's General Manager] goes up to the talent he lost, to like, Bron Breakker, and been like, 'alright, but next year you better believe you're coming to the Blue brand' or whatever," Prinze suggested. "There should've been something like that to commit to, otherwise it's just video shots that don't mean anything, that's just another 30 seconds that you can give to a match."


He predicted that Charlotte Flair will be drafted to SmackDown because that's where her husband Andrade was drafted to. He feels that some people are made for certain brands, and Flair is a good fit for SmackDown in his opinion, as well as Slim Jim spokesperson LA Knight. The WWE Draft rosters didn't take full effect until the May 6 edition of "WWE Raw."

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