Why Bully Ray Says The Drew McIntyre-CM Punk Segment From WWE Raw 'Fell Flat'

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has given his take on the "WWE Raw" segment between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre last Monday. During the first hour, WWE cut backstage to McIntyre yelling at Adam Pearce for pulling him from the King of the Ring tournament, leading to McIntyre storming off, getting in his car, and driving out of the arena.


Just moments later, Punk arrived looking for McIntyre. After Pearce told him McIntyre had already left, Punk made his way to the ring to cut a promo and tempt McIntyre to turn around and come back to the arena. While that seemed to prompt McIntyre returning, he wouldn't appear for the rest of the night. 

On "Busted Open Radio", Bully explained how he felt the entire segment was ineffective due to McIntyre not returning after Punk instigated him to do so. "I acquitted it to the first time Vince McMahon ever told me, if you're going to pull out a table, make sure somebody goes through it cause it's very anti-climatic ... We all thought that Drew was going to stop at the red light, see it on social media, turn around and come back in right? So let's assume Drew stops at the red light, turns the car around, comes speeding back into the arena ... they shoot to the back and there's Drew, gets out of the car, slams the door shut, walks through the back, goes through gorilla, comes through the curtain, walks to the ring and there's CM Punk, now what?" 


Even if Drew came back, the result probably would've been unsatisfying

Bully went on to explain that even if McIntyre did return to the arena, the two most likely wouldn't have been able to engage physically because of their ongoing injuries. Therefore whether or not McIntyre came back, the result would've probably still been unsatisfying.


At least if Punk was the heel in this feud, Bully reasoned, the entire perspective of the segment changes because "The Best in the World" could allow McIntyre to storm back into the building, wait for him to get to the ring and then as a true heel would, leave as soon as McIntyre got too close.

It still remains unclear when McIntyre and Punk will both be healthy, but WWE does seem interested in telling a long-term story for their match.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.