Former WWE Writer Freddie Prinze Jr. Offers Update On His Wrestling Promotion

Actor and former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. has had plans for his own wrestling promotion in the works for several years now, offering fans updates on his progress along the way. Speaking on his podcast, "Wrestling With Freddie," Prinze provided another development on the project, revealing that one major media company passed on the idea.


"I got a text during the podcast [last week] with the bad news," Prinze said. "I'm comfortable saying who the pass was this week. ... It was Warner-Discovery. They were the first people I went to and I ... should've recognized by the types of questions that it was gonna be a no."

Prinze referred to the idea for the promotion as his "brain-child" and said it can be difficult to maintain perspective when he is so passionate about the project. Warner Bros. Discovery isn't the only company Prinze has pitched to, with the former "Scooby Doo" star stating that he was confident that another group was going to reject the idea as well. Without naming the brand, Prinze said it felt as though this unnamed corporation had no interest in wrestling during the pitching process. However, he remains hopeful that the right partnership will come around.


"I think one [company] is a definite yes," Prinze continued. "They've made multiple calls asking all kinds of questions, from creative to financial. When they start talking money, that's when it's getting serious."

The aspiring promoter shared that there was one other party he was in contact with that he feels good about, referring to them as a "dark horse" choice. Though Prinze admitted that it might be a "weird" fit on the surface, the actor was adamant that he just wants to put more professional wrestling on TV and will keep updating his fans about the promotion in the days ahead.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Wrestling With Freddie" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.