AEW Personality Don Callis On Why He Never Wanted Chris Jericho In His Family

The Don Callis Family has become one of the most featured factions in AEW over the past year. Following Callis turning his back on Kenny Omega, Callis recruited the likes of Konosuke Takeshita, Will Ospreay, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Kyle Fletcher to try and create a dominant group that could rule AEW with an iron fist. In the lead-up to All In 2023, Callis looked like he would bring his old friend Chris Jericho into the family, but it was all a plan to try and cut Jericho out of AEW entirely.


Appearing on the "Battleground Podcast," Callis admitted that courting Jericho was indeed a master plan, as he only ever wanted to hurt Jericho's feelings. "I never wanted Jericho in the first place," Callis said. "Jericho cannot be a part of any group, whether it's a family, an organization, Jericho is all about Jericho. It is a universe of one, I've lived this with him, people say 'oh that's not true,' no one knows Jericho. I know Jericho better than his own father knows him, I've known Chris, been up and down the roads with him for over 30 years, so I never wanted Jericho. I only took Sammy Guevara because I thought it would hurt Chris' feelings."

As for Guevara, Callis hasn't forgotten about his exit from the group. "Sammy Guevara is a tremendously talented individual but he's an intellectual lightweight," Callis said. "This guy came back, was in the best profile position he's been in his entire life, and then decided to take a four month paternity leave so he could be with his baby." Callis rounded off his point by saying that Guevara shouldn't be so proud of reproducing as dogs can also reproduce, before calling the former TNT Champion 'mentally deficient.'


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