WWE Star Kofi Kingston Discusses Having Triple H At The Helm Of The Company

In recent months, WWE has emphasized the fact that Paul "Triple H" Levesque is now in charge of the company's creative, going as far as having Stephanie McMahon declare that they've entered "The Paul Levesque Era" at WWE WrestleMania 40. McMahon isn't the only one to discuss the changes under Levesque, with former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston being the latest to offer his opinion. Speaking on "Battleground Podcast," Kingston shared some praise for Levesque's leadership.


"I think he's doing such a phenomenal job right now," Kingston said. "You got glimpses of what he could do with a roster when he was running NXT. When he took over NXT, there [were] a lot of eyes on NXT because they just started doing things a little bit differently, especially in comparison to how things were run on the [main] roster at that given time."

The former D-Generation X member has taken what he learned running WWE's developmental brand and brought it to the main stage, with Kingston stating that audiences are "engrossed" with the current storylines. According to the New Day star, Levesque pays attention to detail and adds in things that may seem small on the surface but wind up having a significant impact.


"You go back and you think about him as a worker, you think about him in the industry, his matches were storyline-based, storyline-driven," Kingston continued. "To bring that same mentality to the show now, you can see that, you know? I think it's great."

Levesque now occupies a position long held by one man — Vince McMahon — for many years. The aftermath of a sexual misconduct allegation forced McMahon to step back from the role, leaving his son-in-law in charge of the company's booking.

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