Kevin Nash Compares Physiques Of WWE & AEW Top Guys

Peruse Kevin Nash's Instagram for just a few seconds and it's easy to tell that the man is still in great shape. At 65 years old, the WWE Hall of Famer is still putting time in the gym, looking every bit the Superstar he did back in the days when he was selling out arenas. During a discussion on "Kliq This," Nash offered his perspective on the physiques of today's wrestlers in both WWE and AEW, and noted there was a stark contrast between the two.  


"I watched AJ [Styles] versus LA Knight [at WrestleMania 40] and it's like, both those guys look amazing," Nash said. "And their schedules– these guys are working, man. Still, they're getting in the gym. They're dieting their a**es off. [Will] Ospreay's not fat by any means, he's just not dialed in. He's just not chiseled... Most of the guys on the WWE roster look like– you can tell, they're putting the time in the gym, they're dieting. Granted, a lot of those guys got busses and everything else... but it ain't like the guys on the other side ain't making the same amount of coin."

Nash had some advice for wrestlers who aren't making main event money on how they might improve their physiques, telling them to take a page from the world of touring rock bands.


"Some of you guys who aren't making the same amount of coin, you can still throw four of you in a bus, make a bunk bus like you would a rock and roll band," Nash explained. "You can have your meals, have somebody else drive you, you can get your sleep, you can get your training in. There's ways to do it."

After the steroid scandal of 1993 and an overall broader shift in fan preference, wrestlers are more likely to come in all shapes in sizes in today's product, although there has been some subtle criticisms in recent years that would suggest otherwise.