WWE Star Sheamus Responds To Fans Shaming Him For Physique

After an eight-month hiatus from an injury that saw his future called into question, Sheamus finally made his return to WWE this past week on "Raw," defeating Ivar in singles action. The talk didn't center around Sheamus' victory or even his return, however, with fans instead spending time discussing Sheamus' physique, with some even going as far as to shame Sheamus and accuse him of not being in shape.


Initially joking that he was "big boned" after his "Raw" appearance, Sheamus took to X Thursday afternoon to respond to the shamers. Including photos fans had posted to social media comparing his current physique to his old one, Sheamus first called upon fans to take their best shots, and that afterward, they would be done with the "photoshopping and shaming." He then further revealed that he had not anticipated returning to "Raw" this past week, having instead been expecting that he would return following the WWE draft before getting "an early call-up."

After saying it was "his bad" for not being in the shape he had previously been, Sheamus then joked that he had been "sleeping in a gym" ever since "Raw," and told the shamers to "watch this space." On a positive note, Sheamus closed the post with some positivity to those who had continued to support him, telling fans that he appreciated the love.


Since his return, Sheamus has revealed that it was not always clear whether he would step into a ring again. The former WWE Champion underwent a slow rehab process in order to heal his shoulder, and it was so slow that he admitted that he considered retiring from wrestling two months ago, before opting to continue with rehab.