Kofi Kingston Reflects On Being A Part Of WWE WrestleMania 40

For some WWE Superstars, WrestleMania 40 served as their first appearance on WWE's grandest stage. For Kofi Kingston, however, WrestleMania 40 marked his 14th time wrestling at the respective premium live event. During an interview on the "Battleground Podcast," Kingston reflected on his most recent WrestleMania experience, noting that it may have been the best he's ever had.


"I've been blessed to have experienced many WrestleManias and you think that at a certain point that it would get old. Like the novelty would wear off, you'd kind of get used to it being WrestleMania weekend. That's not the case," Kingston said. "Like you were saying, I think that this WrestleMania was probably one of, if not the best, WrestleMania that I've been a part of. Since we've been doing it for two days, it's been awesome to have more matches on the card, more spots for people to experience WrestleMania, and more for the fans to experience. People come from all over the world to WrestleMania. Philadelphia has such a rich wrestling history that you knew it was going to be amazing, but to have two nights back to back where you were literally on the edge of your seat for both nights, every match on the card was awesome."


On night one of WrestleMania 40, Kingston and Xavier Woods represented The New Day in a six-pack ladder match for the "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championships. Ultimately, this match was won by two teams – Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) and A-Town Down Under (Grayson Waller and Austin Theory). While A-Town Down Under seized the "SmackDown" Tag Team Championships, Awesome Truth claimed the "Raw" Tag Team Championships.

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