Braun Strowman Discusses 2021 WWE Release & Eventual Return

WWE releases can be emotional for WWE Superstars, as recently seen with the release of Cameron Grimes. 2021 was a massive year for WWE releases with a handful of high-profile performers being cut, including Ric Flair, Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. Amongst this class was "The Monster Among Men," Braun Strowman, who recently sat down with "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" to talk about his experience.


"It f**king sucked. At the end of the day, I don't know how else to say it; it sucked. I had no intentions of going anywhere but that's [an] unfortunate part of business. Business is business and at the time that was a decision I guess that they needed to make and clearly it wasn't the right one 'cause I'm back."

The most notable appearance Strowman made in his WWE absence was for the defunct and controversial promotion Control Your Narrative. Strowman did not venture far from WWE as he felt the release would just be temporary. The former Wyatt family member continued to be passionate about WWE, despite having opportunities to wrestle elsewhere. 

"I got reached out to by everybody, 'Come here, come wrestle for us,' and I've said it time and time again I'm loyal to this company because of what this company has done for me, my family, my loved ones. I'm just loyal and I knew for a fact that I would be back because this is where I belong; like, I truly believe I was put on this earth to be a WWE Superstar."


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