Former WWE Writer Freddie Prinze Jr. Explains How AEW Can Learn From Mistakes

While AEW has aimed to provide an alternative product to WWE, it has also garnered its fair share of criticism from booking decisions to leadership, to the recent controversial airing of the CM Punk-Jack Perry altercation on "AEW Dynamite," which led to Punk's firing and Perry's suspension. 


On a recent episode of "Wrestling with Freddie," former WWE writer and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. discussed how AEW making mistakes as a growing company is not necessarily a bad thing.

"The good news is Tony [Khan] is willing to invest in this business and it's a young, young business, and you have to give your company time to fail before it succeeds, if you can afford it," Prinze Jr. said.

He pointed out that Khan is one of the select few who can absorb the cost of making mistakes in his company. "He's one of the few people on earth that actually has that luxury where he can fail and learn from mistakes and get on the job training which he has to get and he has been for the last five years, six years now. It's less than ten years so until he reaches double digits it's a young, young show," he said. 


Prinze Jr. said that despite some growing pains of a new company, he sees outstanding potential with the standout stars of AEW, namely Swerve Strickland, Will Ospreay, and MJF. He said with the right long-term storytelling, AEW has the tools to give the audience a reason to care about professional wrestling. 

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