Tony Khan Responds To WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash's Criticism Of AEW, Will Ospreay

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has had a few choice words about new AEW star Will Ospreay in recent weeks. He has called the Englishman 'Indy-riffic' after Ospreay fired back at Triple H's comments about certain people not choosing to work for WWE because they were 'running from the grind,' and has also claimed that Ospreay needs to get in better shape as he, like many others on the AEW roster, don't look like they take care of themselves. AEW President Tony Khan responded to Nash's comments recently on Z100


"I think Kevin Nash was a great wrestler. His opinions on wrestling I'm not sure I agree with them," Khan said. "He's had some takes on Will Ospreay that I definitely don't agree with. I'd be remiss if I don't bring that up. I think Will Ospreay is one of the best young wrestlers in the world. We're really fortunate to have Will Ospreay in AEW. He's been coming in week in and week out and working so hard, having great matches." 

Khan rounded off his comments by saying that while he doesn't necessarily agree with Nash's outlook on modern wrestling, he still has a lot of respect for him and wishes him all the best. As for Ospreay, he will get his first chance at gold in AEW when he challenges Roderick Strong for the AEW International Championship at Double or Nothing on May 26.


Please credit Z100 when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.