AEW Stars Set To Debut New Warhammer Set During Upcoming Livestream

The game Warhammer has existed in various shapes and forms over the last 40 years, consisting of combat played out with miniature models on a fantasy battlefield. Games Workshop, the company behind the franchise, is preparing to release a new set for its game "Warhammer Age of Sigmar," and AEW performers Claudio Castagnoli and Kip Sabian will help debut the newest game mode, Spearhead.


Castagnoli and Sabian will face one another in a game of Spearhead streamed live on the official Warhammer Twitch channel this Thursday, May 16. Festivities will kick off at 8 p.m. ET, with the AEW stars beginning their game an hour later. Sabian set to play as the rat-like Skaven while Castagnoli will take control of the Stormcast Eternals, a group of immortal warriors who fight against chaos.

Both wrestlers have long been open about their passion for video games, though the revelation that the two play tabletop war games may be new. Castagnoli regularly streams himself playing video games with fellow wrestlers Adam Cole, Xavier Woods, and Tyler Breeze, while Sabian maintains his own Twitch and appears on the AEW Games account.


Castagnoli continues to make regular appearances on AEW programming, including a recent match against AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland. Sabian, however, has wrestled just three matches in 2024 — two in January and one in March.

The new game mode that Castagnoli and Sabian will be putting on display, Spearhead, is a pared-down version of the full Warhammer experience. Games Workshop describes Spearhead as more accessible while holding onto the strategy elements of the full game.