Claudio Castagnoli Addresses 'Da Party' Reunion And Adam Cole's Health

Back when Claudio Castagnoli, Adam Cole, Xavier Woods, and Tyler Breeze were all together in the same company, many fans enjoyed seeing the group stream together on Twitch. Whether they were playing multiplayer games like "Super Mario Party" or the classic card game Uno, the group — known affectionately as "Da Party" — served as a source of entertainment for crossover fans of wrestling and video games. However, once Cole and eventually Castagnoli made their way to AEW, the streams were put on pause for a time. That changed several weeks ago when a reunion between the group occurred on Twitch, with the four men getting back together online to play "Uno."


During a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, Castagnoli commented on the status of "Da Party" after their recent get-together. "To us that friendship grew, that bond grew during the pandemic. And we kind of got each other through that," Castagnoli said. "And you know, playing Uno, we connected with a lot of people through that. And we just figured it is time to do it again in some way, shape, or form."

Castagnoli also acknowledged the challenges of getting the whole group together. "It's also very difficult to, you know, align all the schedules," Castagnoli explained. "I think this morning, in one of the group chats, it was said that we are rolling chaos, because it's just always chaos trying to organize us getting together."


The AEW star then briefly addressed the lengthy absence of Cole since he suffered a very serious concussion earlier this year during his match at Forbidden Door. "I mean, we have to wait and see when he comes back, right? I don't know what the timeline is," Castagnoli stated. "He was his usual self playing Uno making bonehead plays and such. So, if that's any indicator, he's doing great."