Lillian Garcia Returns To WWE Raw For First Time In Years, Endorses Samantha Irvin

An iconic voice returned to "WWE Raw" for the first time in years on Monday and praised the red brand's current ring announcer, Samantha Irvin. Lilian Garcia returned to the show and appeared in the ring in front of the audience in Greenville, South Carolina. Before announcing King of the Ring contender Kofi Kingston to the ring, Garcia heaped praise on Irvin and said she was "so proud" of her. Garcia posted multiple videos to her Instagram story throughout the day, making fans aware that she'd be in attendance. She also sent kind words to former "WWE NXT" announcer, now the voice of "WWE SmackDown," Alicia Taylor.


"What's up guys? Guess where I'm at's WWE, and guess who I'm with!" Garcia said in the first video, before panning her phone to show Irvin and the empty arena. "I'm in the house. I'm in Greenville, South Carolina and of course I had to come say 'hello' to my WWE family and this girl right here. I'm so proud of her. Alicia, who's now on SmackDown. All women announcers. I love this!"

Garcia shared another video to her Instagram story sitting ringside beside Irvin as she announced during what appeared to be a rehearsal. She said on her social media that being around the ring and in the arena "never gets old." Garcia joined WWE in 1999 and made history as the first female to announce at WrestleMania. She was also the first "Diva" to be with the company for more than 10 years. She left WWE in August 2016 to focus on her singing career.