WWE Queen Of The Ring Tournament Report, Raw 5/13/2024

The Queen of the Ring Tournament continued tonight on "WWE Raw" with a pair of quarterfinal matchups featuring Shayna Baszler vs. IYO SKY and Zoey Stark vs. Lyra Valkyria. To get to this point, Baszler knocked off Maxxine Dupri at a live event in Macon, Georgia on Sunday, while SKY, Stark, and Valkyria were all victorious on last week's episode of "Raw," besting Natalya, Ivy Nile, and Dakota Kai, respectively.


SKY, as per usual, was accompanied to the ring by her Damage CTRL allies (sans an injured Asuka) and perhaps Baszler expected as much, attacking her opponent from behind as she wrapped up her entrance and began to enter the ring. This gave "The Queen of Spades" enough of an edge to where SKY was on the defensive for much of the match, doing all she could to slip and slide out of Baszler's offense. Ultimately, that included withstanding a Kirifuda Clutch that looked like it might lead to a win for Baszler before SKY reversed the move, and then secured the win with a Meteora and her signature moonsault.

Stark and Valkyria kicked things off in more traditional fashion, locking up early and progressing through a bevy of technical wrestling maneuvers. The finish came about after a series of reversals, with Stark avoiding a Tornado DDT and then going dirty, pulling Valkyria's hair and slapping her. But the former NXT Women's Champion wasn't above getting nasty herself, slapping Stark right back before countering a Z360 attempt and hitting the Nightwing to move on to the semifinals. Valkyria and SKY will now square off next week with the winner advancing to take on the winner of the "SmackDown" side of the bracket at King and Queen of the Ring on May 25.