Braun Strowman Has A Warning For JD McDonagh After Backstage Segment On WWE Raw

Braun Strowman has issued a warning to JD McDonagh on X after their interaction with each other during a backstage segment on "WWE Raw". Before the fatal four way to determine a number one contender for the World Tag Team Championship, Strowman was speaking to the Creed Brothers, wishing them good luck before stepping in the ring, until McDonagh interrupted the conversation.  McDonagh explained to Strowman that he was interjecting to handle Judgement Day business saying, "We run 'Monday Night Raw' and we don't appreciate you sticking your nose in our business. So consider yourself warned."


This rebuttal from McDonagh could be in response to Strowman's attack on Finn Balor two weeks ago when he returned at the WWE Draft. Balor, McDonagh and United States Champion Logan Paul, had started their assault on Jey Uso after an in-ring segment together, leading Strowman to make the save and chokeslam Balor. Strowman has now responded to McDonagh's threat saying, "You better go bark up a different tree little boy!!!!!!!" 

It has yet to be announced if Strowman and McDonagh will have a match together on an upcoming edition of "Raw", however it does seem like WWE has intentions of "The Monster Among Men" mixing it up with the Judgement Day, or even reuniting in the ring with former tag-team partner Ricochet after their backstage segment last week.