Video: Rey Mysterio Explains Why Carlito Was Drafted To WWE Raw With The LWO

Rey Mysterio and the LWO have made "WWE Raw" their new home following the 2024 WWE Draft, as has Carlito, who was drafted as part of the LWO despite leaving the group on the April 26 "WWE Smackdown." Carlito was revealed to be the man who attacked Dragon Lee, costing him a chance to perform at WrestleMania 40, and it seems Mysterio and the LWO haven't forgotten about that. It's a decision that left some people scratching their heads, but Mysterio himself has cleared up any confusion during an interview with Cathy Kelley on X (formerly Twitter), claiming he is the reason why Carlito was drafted with the LWO.


"The thing that hurts the most about this is that we trusted Carlito. Not just me, all of LWO did, and he betrayed us," Mysterio explained. "He attacked Dragon Lee, Dragon Lee is one of the homies and he earned his opportunity at WrestleMania, the same way Carlito and I earned opportunities early in our careers, but he must have forgotten about that. Cathy I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I did some work behind the scenes and pulled a couple of strings, to make sure that Carlito got drafted to Raw with the LWO."

Mysterio finished off by issuing a challenge to Carlito to face him one-on-one. "It's time for Carlito to pay for what he did to us. Carlito it's time for you to man up and face me in the ring." As far as televised one-on-one meetings between Carlito and Mysterio, only one singles match has taken place between the two men on a televised WWE event, that being an episode of "Smackdown" in October 2004, where Carlito picked up the victory, retaining his United States Championship in the process.