AEW Star Max Caster Discusses Whether Or Not He Regrets Any Of His Raps

AEW's Max Caster has revealed that he has no regrets about any of the raps he has made on his way to the ring.  

Caster has made a name for himself by singing a rap on his way to the ring alongside his tag partner in The Acclaimed, Anthony Bowens, and with time, the freestyle raps have become more popular but also seemed to become edgier. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," Caster explained that he's never regretted a single rap and doesn't obsess over a joke or line that didn't land with the audience. 


"There's raps that other people have thought I've gone too far on, for sure, but everything that I've ever said and done has led to my career being at this point right now and I can't regret it. I've never walked out there and been like, 'Yeah, this is too far but I'm gonna say it anyway.' I think it's funny, whatever I say, I think it's funny. If it's a bad joke, it's a bad joke, if it didn't land, oops," said Caster.

He also went into detail about being suspended in 2021 for referencing Simone Biles' mental health as well as the Duke lacrosse allegations in one of his raps and revealed that he apologized for it. 

"Things got really, really touchy when the network starts calling and that's what really did me in. Something had to be done and I agree with that, I'm cool with that, I only apologized to Tony [Khan] and Anthony Bowens and they both appreciated that and accepted that and we moved forward." 


In the interview, he also discussed inserting WWE's name in some of his raps in the past, while revealing the reason he no longer mentions them.

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