Max Caster Discusses WWE Tryout, Choosing Between NXT & AEW

AEW star Max Caster has found considerable success within the promotion, and alongside Anthony Bowens captured the AEW World Tag Team Championship, and also won the AEW World Trios Championships with Bowens and Billy Gunn. During a recent appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Caster reflected on his WWE tryout and why he ended up going with AEW in the end.


"I gave it a lot of thought and I almost did the NXT thing," Caster said. He noted how he made the decision after WWE seemingly poached a star who had competed on "Dynamite" a few times. "The full story is they had a guy on 'Dynamite' that they did a match with on one of the live shows and then the very next week or something he signed with WWE. Like, they swooped in, boom, grab this guy right up, and he's still there, and I'm sure he's doing great."

Caster then recalled that he got a call from WWE after doing a few pay-per-view matches with David Marquez's CWFH promotion, but noted that Tony Khan somehow got word of it and gave him an offer instead. "I think AEW got wind of that and then they go, in my opinion, 'Let's swoop in on these guys and take this guy that they want.' And I was, I think, the beneficiary of that."


Max Caster claims that the AEW environment was his deciding factor

AEW's backstage atmosphere has notably been praised by many who previously competed in WWE. It seems like this was the case for Max Caster as well, as he cited it as one of the reasons he ultimately chose AEW over WWE. 


"It was night and day different than working as an extra for WWE. I think I changed in the men's locker room as opposed to a curtained-off area at the back of the arena," he said.

Caster also recalled dressing across Brodie Lee, who at the time was one of the biggest names in AEW. "I'm like, 'Wow, this is actually way different.' And no one, no one even cared. Everyone is just like, 'Oh yeah, yeah, you're here. You're wrestling today, good for you.'"

He also recounted the fact that The Acclaimed was Tony Khan's idea, with the AEW CEO pairing him with Anthony Bowens and giving them the name. "I technically didn't have a deal on the table with WWE, but they were flying me down to come meet and hang out and see if I was a good fit," he said. 


Caster also described his and Bowens' AEW contract signing as a "leap of faith" for both of them, which has clearly paid off since then.

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