Bully Ray Looks Back On Going Too Far In Ring With WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker

Though they shouldn't cause any long-term damage, chops are known to be one of the more painful moves in pro wrestling. The chest slaps hurt so much that even some wrestling veterans, such as The Undertaker, sometimes refuse to take them. Speaking on a recent "Busted Open Radio," The Undertaker's former WWE co-worker Bully Ray told the story of a time he accidentally delivered a chop to "The Dead Man" during a match.


"Me and D-Von had been working with him and Kane for a while," Bully said. "We had a nice little thing going, and one night I put him in the corner and I completely forgot — and chopping was a part of my repertoire."

The former WWE and ECW star stated that he typically performed overhand chops that were exceptionally loud, with Bully's co-host Mark Henry confirming that the move was also incredibly painful. On the particular night in question, Bully said that Undertaker's rule about chops had slipped his mind.

"I give him this massive overhand chop, and when I chopped him, my head kind of went down," Bully continued. "And my head stayed down because, in that moment, I knew I had screwed up so bad. It's as if time stopped, and all I can hear in the corner is Kane, giggling and laughing and saying, 'He's gonna kill you! He's gonna kill you!'"


Immediately following the mistake, Bully recalled Undertaker demanding to be thrown into the turnbuckle so Bully could run at him and take a boot to the face. The WWE Hall of Famer immediately knew what The Undertaker intended to do, and Bully charged at the move as commanded, taking the kick head-on. Bully said that he apologized to The Undertaker backstage following the match and, after that, things were settled.

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