New NXT Heritage Cup Champion Crowned

The May 14 "WWE NXT" is in the books, and as the brand moves closer to the Battleground Premium Live Event on June 9, a new NXT Heritage Cup Champion was crowned. Ever since Stand and Deliver, Tony D'Angelo's Family and the No Quarter Catch Crew have been at war. The Family had been paid to eliminate Drew Gulak from the company (which was just a way to write Gulak off television ahead of his departure from WWE), have picked up two wins over The Crew in recent weeks, and even cost them a tag team match against Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe when it was announced shortly before the match that Channing Lorenzo would be the special guest referee, and he didn't hold back in counting as fast as he could.


This led to last night's "NXT," where Charlie Dempsey decided to put the NXT Heritage Cup on the line against D'Angelo. Despite the No Quarter Catch Crew having the "Catch Clause," meaning that any member of the group could have defended the cup, Dempsey wanted revenge on D'Angelo for everything he had done over the past few weeks. However, that quest for revenge proved costly, as D'Angelo picked up the victory in round 5 of the match, becoming the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion.

The win marks D'Angelo's third run as a champion on the "NXT" brand since debuting in 2021, having already held the NXT Tag Team Championship with Lorenzo on two separate occasions. However, given the amount of interference in round 5 that ultimately led to D'Angelo's victory, the feud between The Family and the No Quarter Catch Crew is far from over as Battleground approaches.