Why Rocky Romero Thinks AEW Has International Potential

Despite being based in the United States, AEW hasn't been afraid to travel abroad in recent years. The company has hosted many events in Canada since 2022, All In London will return this year on August 25, and many of their wrestlers have worked for a variety of international companies over the years where they have represented AEW in places like Japan, Mexico, and Australia. But could the company itself make more trips overseas in the near future?


That is something Rocky Romero is hoping to accomplish, as he told Fightful that AEW has potential to run events in Japan thanks to their partnership with NJPW, as well many other places. "The UK is a massive market and we'll see that with Wembley again this year," Romero said. "I do feel like there's an opportunity to do some smaller arenas and do more stuff around the country because they've got a great infrastructure there as well with Fulham."

Romero also cited Australia as a potential destination, and of course Mexico, with their working relationship with CMLL being something that could help land AEW in Arena Mexico. "Imagine AEW in Arena Mexico, or having the infrastructure for CMLL to help them. I think that's what strategically a lot of these partnerships are about is how can we help each other to do these type of events all over the world? AEW is always trying to help New Japan as well, like we share some of the same production people that work on both sides. So there's a lot of Forbidden Door elements that are not just the stuff that you see in the matches on both sides."


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