Jeff Jarrett's Father Saw Big Things In This WWE Hall Of Famer

While WWE Hall of Famer Rick Rude is largely remembered for his runs in WWE and WCW during the 80s and 90s, the "Ravishing" one began making a name for himself during the territory days, wrestling everywhere from Jim Crockett Promotions to Georgia Championship Wrestling. Rude really began to break out, however, when he started wrestling for Jerry Jarrett's Continental Wrestling Association in 1984, where a young Jeff Jarrett got to see Rude up close.


On the latest episode of "My World," Jarrett recalled the first time he met Rude, when the young upstart came over to the Jarrett's residence with his then girlfriend in 1984. And Jarrett's biggest recollection of the moment is how his father immediately recognized that Rude was going to be a major player in wrestling.

"My dad was just...he just said 'Man, he's got Hollywood looks,'" Jarrett said. "'He's a legit badass, he wants to learn. He's got the pedigree and the mindset.' He was super...he was so bullish on him. He said 'That guys going to be a major, major star.' That was my first time being around him...He fast tracked to the big time. 

"It was always unique through the years, that I would get to hear my father, the way would frame talent. It was always...just the different tag teams, or heels or babyfaces. But man, he loved Rick Rude, and thought he was going to be super successful. And obviously, it wasn't too long after that that he got his ride, got his ticket, and started making big money."


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