Spoiler: Lola Vice To Take On Main Roster Star At WWE NXT Battleground PPV

After a recent victory in a "WWE NXT" Underground match against Natalya, Lola Vice is reportedly set to take on another main roster star in a match with the same MMA-based stipulation. Next week's "NXT" was taped after the May 14 episode aired, because, according to Fightful Select, production staff and agents will be heading to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ahead of the King & Queen of the Ring premium live event. The outlet provided spoilers for next week's show, which included the angle involving Vice.


According to Fightful Select, the main event for the May 22 episode featured Vice and Shayna Baszler eating a loss at the hands of Natalya and Karmen Petrovic. Following their defeat, Vice turned on Baszler, who then got back up and choked Vice out. "NXT" General Manager Ava then set up a match between Baszler and Vice for the developmental brand's upcoming Battleground premium live event on June 9. Baszler said after Ava made it official that she wanted the match to be competed under Underground rules. According to Fightful, some fans already started to leave and missed the post-match angle.

Vice and Baszler, who both have MMA backgrounds, first teamed up a few weeks ago prior to Vice taking on Natalya. Baszler was shown "training" Vice ahead of the Underground match, and accompanied Vice at ringside during the bout. Baszler even got involved during the match and locked on the Kirifuda Clutch to Petrovic, who was in Natalya's corner. Vice won the match after a referee determined she knocked out her opponent after a flury of right hands after connecting with a spinning back first.