AEW's Bryan Danielson Addresses Potential In-Ring Return For His Wife, FKA Brie Bella

Ever since Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut in 2021, fans have wondered if his wife and former WWE star Brie Bella would eventually appear too. 

Bella hasn't wrestled since the 2022 women's Royal Rumble match, and her contract with WWE expired in early 2023, leading to her and her sister Nikki reintroducing themselves as The Garcia Twins since that is their maiden name. During a recent appearance on "Casual Conversations with The Classic," Danielson revealed if his wife is open to joining the company. 


"I think Brie would love to get in the ring like one or two more times, or maybe more, but never on like a weekly thing, you know? Never more than just a one-off here or there," said the AEW star.

Nikki has said that her interest in potentially joining AEW peaked when she witnessed Mercedes Mone's debut in March 2024. Danielson explained that Nikki's quote seemed to be taken out of context as she explained that while Mone's debut excited her about the potential of women's wrestling, she stated that she couldn't imagine life on the road away from her children. 

This is the same frame of mind Danielson believes his wife is in, especially given his own decision to walk away from wrestling on a full-time basis once his daughter Birdie turns seven years old, meaning that no matter how much the road or ring calls them, their main priorities moving forward are to be together as a family.


Please credit "Casual Conversations with The Classic" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.