Backstage Report On WWE NXT Star Eddy Thorpe's Recent Absence

Eddy Thorpe hasn't been featured on "WWE NXT" in more than five months, but that will apparently be changing very soon. While there was no exact date given, Corey Brennan of Fightful Select is reporting that Thorpe is set for an imminent return, according to sources "close to NXT's creative process." Brennan says Thorpe had been dealing with a hip injury he suffered in his most recent match on "NXT" back in December, but he was given the okay to return to in-ring competition sometime between late February and early March.


The hip injury wasn't Thorpe's only recent health setback, either; Fightful reports that he had sustained another injury of unknown nature in October. Fightful also noted that Thorpe was working injured prior to and during the "NXT" Deadline Premium Live Event on December 9, where he cost Dijak the men's Iron Survivor Challenge. That set up what is, as of this writing, Thorpe's most recent televised match, which saw him take on Dijak in "NXT" Underground on December 13. He was out of action entirely for the ensuing three months, but has since taken part in a handful of matches on both "NXT" Level Up and "NXT" live shows dating back to the March 22 episode of Level Up.

Thorpe initially signed with WWE in January 2023 and made his televised debut on "NXT" programming on the March 28, 2023 episode of the show when he defeated No Quarter Catch Crew member Myles Borne. He began his career in 2015 and is known for his time in New-Japan Pro Wrestling, where he performed under the name Karl Fredricks.