Max Caster Details Trying To Get Billy Gunn's Former Tag Team Partner To Appear In AEW

Some AEW fans have advocated for The Acclaimed to add an honorary fourth member to join Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and Billy Gunn, with one name being floated being Gunn's former tag team partner Chuck Palumbo. Although it did not happen, Caster revealed on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" that they tried to bring the idea to fruition.


"We've tried. He's a busy guy in his own life and I finally just met him at an autograph signing a couple of weeks ago and he was [a] nice guy, amazing guy, he's like, 'You worked with Billy? I worked with Billy,'" exclaimed Caster.

The former AEW Tag Team Champion said that he and Palumbo had a conversation about Gunn and is hopeful of Palumbo making an eventual appearance but is unsure if it will ever happen. Gunn and Palumbo were a part of the Billy & Chuck tag team in WWE, which the AEW star has claimed he enjoyed being a part of.

Caster told Van Vliet they've also tried to bring in other former tag team partners of Gunn to the promotion. "We've tried Bart Gunn, we've tried Rico, I think we've tried Sean Waltman. No one is showing up for Billy except for Max Caster and Anthony Bowens," revealed Caster.


The AEW star stated that the invitation for all those mentioned is always open, be it for a reunion of The Smoking Gunns, Billy & Chuck with Rico, or D-Generation X outside of the WWE world, and highlighted how any reunion for Billy Gunn would receive a great ovation in AEW.

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