Liv Morgan Explains How Job At Hooters Led To Her Being Discovered, WWE Career

Nearly a decade before winning the "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship, Liv Morgan was a Hooters server that dreamed of one day making it in WWE. Luckily for Morgan, that dream would soon become a reality thanks to an unlikely connection to her Hooters location. During a recent interview on "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Morgan recalled the series of events that led to her WWE career, beginning with an introduction to a wrestler that previously managed the Hooters she worked for at the time.


"Apparently before my time, there was a wrestler, who will not be named, that used to manage this specific Hooters," Morgan said. "So anytime they came around in town, they'd go to Hooters. Me being the big WWE fan that I was, I saw this wrestler come into Hooters, and I knew who they were exactly. I introduced myself. My manager was like 'Hey we have this girl and she loves wrestling, and because you're a wrestler, maybe talk to her.' So I talked to this wrestler for a while, and I was like 'I wanna wrestle.' I kind of just spit all my wrestling knowledge to them and they were like 'Okay, you really do love wrestling.'"

After speaking with the unnamed wrestler, Morgan was then put into contact with world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco, who is also known for working with Paul "Triple H" Levesque. Seemingly impressed by Morgan's resilience, DeFranco eventually reached out to WWE to gauge their interest in setting Morgan up for a tryout. WWE subsequently informed DeFranco that while their latest tryout camp had just passed, they were eager to fly out Morgan for their next one, six months later.


Highly motivated to sign with WWE, Morgan continued her strength and conditioning training with DeFranco every morning before clocking in for her Hooters' shifts. This hard work ultimately paid off, as WWE offered Morgan a contract post-tryout.

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