Tommy Dreamer Assesses Performance Of WWE NXT General Manager Ava Raine

Ever since the Ruthless Aggression Era, WWE has usually had General Managers serving as onscreen authority figures for their brands, with the daughter of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ava Raine, currently running things on "WWE NXT." On "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer commented on Raine's performance as the GM for the developmental brand.


"I think she does a phenomenal job and we're talking, you know, off about age and being on television," Dreamer said. He then noted how she comes from a family of wrestlers, and praised her for being able to keep up with the demands of a GM role. "I think she carries all of her segments so well, it's a lot to remember when you're that type of role." Raine is often approached by female "NXT" stars in order to get their next big match. "NXT" currently has a stacked women's roster with many rising stars, something Dreamer pointed out as well. "There's so many women now, I really have to think hard of yes, their names, because who's going to stand out 'cause there are so many, right?"

WWE seems to be slowly building toward the return of something Wyatt-adjacent, and Dreamer pointed out how Raine received a phone call just before her promo ended, and that one of Bray Wyatt's puppets were also seen hiding in the background. "Stuff like that? Yes, who was she talking to? Where were we going with this? These are all little snippets that I think WWE is doing extremely well and dropping clues." Could Raine be stepping away from "NXT" and be preparing to join Bo Dallas upon his return? Stranger things have happened in WWE.


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