WWE Teases Bo Dallas Return Ahead Of Backlash In New QR Code Video

WWE Backlash is nearly upon us, and the company's first France PLE could finally see the return of Bo Dallas. The latest tease of the late Bray Wyatt's real-life brother appeared via another QR code that directed fans to a Backlash promotional video during this week's "WWE SmackDown," which broadcast at its regular time in France but will air on delay during its standard 8pm EST time slot in the United States. The video, however, has already made the rounds on social media.


The video starts out as a normal commercial for the event, but is very quickly transitions into static and the old-school VHS recording look used in other teases for what may be the new Wyatt Family or the long-rumored "Wyatt 6," presumably alongside Dallas' alter ego in Wyatt's final storyline, Uncle Howdy.

The video shows a solitary woman in a room filled with candles, reminiscent of imagery used to represent the mysterious "Sister Abigail"" during various Wyatt storylines. Subtitles read "He opened his arms. Our pain became his. We were reborn. We were reborn because we believed." At one point, "we believed" briefly flickers into "we bolieved," seemingly referencing the "Bo-Lieve" gimmick Dallas used on the main roster during his first run with the company. "Because we believed" then begins to fill the screen and a strange symbol flashes before the video goes dark.


The Uncle Howdy character was introduced following Wyatt's return to the company in October 22 and participated in his last match, the much-maligned "Mountain Dew Pitch Black match" at Royal Rumble 2023. Shortly afterward, both Wyatt and Uncle Howdy vanished from WWE TV due to Wyatt's medical issues, ultimately leading to his tragic death at the age of 36. Dallas hadn't portrayed Howdy again since, until the teases began after WrestleMania 40 and the release of "Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal," a documentary about the late star on Peacock, which also featured a Dallas return tease.