WWE's Liv Morgan Describes Putting Out Kitchen Fire At Home With CJ Perry

Equipped with likes of a fire extinguisher, a steel chair, and a table, Liv Morgan defended her "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship against Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match at the eponymous 2022 premium live event. While Morgan ultimately lost this match, one of the skills she learned from it later proved to be extremely beneficial during a rather scary real-life ordeal. On an episode of "Insight With Chris Van Vliet," Morgan detailed the recent series of events that unfolded after a fire erupted from her kitchen oven, courtesy of her former WWE colleague CJ Perry.


"So like two weeks ago, I fly home from Monday Night Raw and CJ is staying in my house," Morgan said. "We're best friends, so she's staying at my house. She's like, 'Do you want tacos?' And I'm like, 'Yeah.' So she puts taco shells in the oven because she wanted to toast them a little bit, and in typical CJ fashion, she hit broil instead of bake. I don't know if y'all know what broil is, but broil is like fire. Pretty much, my oven went on fire, and we're like, 'Oh my god.' I know I have a fire extinguisher, and I only know how to use a fire extinguisher because of Extreme Rules 2022. I swear, in that moment, you don't even know. I'm like, 'Thank you wrestling.' So I put out the oven fire and then it burst into flames again. I'm like, 'Oh my gosh." So I put out the fire again, then that was it."


Once the fire was fully put out, Morgan noted she and Perry were tasked with cleaning up the fire extinguisher residue that spread across the kitchen floor. To accomplish this, Morgan and Perry vigorously scrubbed the respective floor tiles with toothbrushes.

"There was no damage," Morgan said. "We cleaned it up and it just ended up being a funny moment."

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