AEW Star Praises Cody Rhodes, Jade Cargill For Their Matches At WWE WrestleMania 40

WrestleMania 40 has been one of the most praised incarnations of the event in years, and notably featured both Cody Rhodes and Jade Cargill after they had made massive impacts in AEW. Speaking with "What Culture Wrestling," Ricky Starks praised his former colleges and pointed out how close he is with both of them.


Starks noted how many people online seem to have an issue with his friendship with Rhodes, and pointed out how much the star has done for him. "Cody has done more for me behind closed doors and for my family than anyone will ever know. And I don't have to explain myself or I don't have to justify any type of relationship I have for someone." He also claimed that Rhodes has gone to great lengths to do things for him, and that because of this the Undisputed WWE Champion will always have his loyalty. Additionally, he noted that he was also there to see Cargill. "I was so floored because Jade has — me and Jade were training so hard, like much prior to doing all that. No one knows that."

Online fans notably criticized Starks for attending WrestleMania, which the star defended claiming that he doesn't feed into wrestling tribalism. "I have no problem with, you know, supporting friends at other companies and all that stuff. I don't believe in that tribalism bulls**t."


Ricky Starks was especially proud to see Jade Cargill at WrestleMania

In his continued effort to defend himself, Starks explained how "mind-numbing" it is to him that some people don't want him to be friends with wrestlers in other promotions. "Outside of this wrestling bubble, that's sad? It's mind-numbing to even be like 'We're mad at this guy' or 'This sucks because he wanted to go see his friend.' Like guys, it's not that big of a deal?"


Starks also declared that he'll continue to support his friends wherever, since doing so doesn't hurt anyone. When looking back at Cargill's WrestleMania match, he noted how they trained together and praised her for her dedication to wrestling. "So, to me I know what's gone into the whole process of her and she really loves wrestling, she really cares a lot about it."

He again noted how happy he was to see her accomplish her WrestleMania moment, and how hardworking she has been since her days in AEW. "Like I couldn't get out quick enough how proud I was just to see that because she's a really good friend to me, beyond a good friend. She's my best friend."

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