Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Discuss Pacing Of AEW Storyline For The Elite

As The Elite continue to aggressively and mercilessly seize control of All Elite Wrestling (in storyline), ECW legends Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are both in agreement that those targeted by the faction, specifically AEW President Tony Khan, should ultimately take that control back. This hypothetical regaining of power shouldn't happen overnight, however, as Dreamer and Ray believe this storyline, and AEW in general, could significantly benefit from taking on a slower pace.


"I think AEW needs to slow down and go back to square one," Ray said on "Busted Open Radio." "I think they need to slow the whole company down, and go back to telling a story, allowing their characters to be whatever their characters want, allowing their matches to do whatever they want, but slow the storytelling down. Allow us to digest something."

"Allow somebody to get knocked out, to go to break with somebody getting stretchered, come back from break and seeing that person still get stretchered out," Ray continued. "Really allow us to invest our emotion into what they're doing. Otherwise you're just telling me to jump to the next match, the next promo, the next story. This is not about, 'Hey, how this is how I would do the Elite story differently.' This is how I would do the entire company differently."


Dreamer echoed similar sentiments, while adding that he'd like to see The Young Bucks, Jack Perry, and Kazuchika Okada gradually garner more heat from AEW fans, and more power within the company itself. With this additional heat and power, Dreamer believes the expected payoff match will be even more meaningful.

Next weekend, The Elite will face their next challenge in this ongoing saga — an Anarchy in the Arena match against FTR, Bryan Danielson, and Darby Allin at AEW Double or Nothing.

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