Keith Lee Has A Message For His Fans Amid AEW Absence

Keith Lee has been out of action since being pulled from AEW Worlds End 2023 at the last minute. However, his fans' messages of support haven't gone unnoticed, as he took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share his gratitude for their kind words.


"I don't spend a lot of time with social media these days. But I wanted to make sure I popped on here to give thanks to many of you... The ones who reach out privately. The ones who tweet publicly. The ones who share positive things. I see you. I thank you. I appreciate you."

Lee's last televised match was on the December 23 edition of "AEW Collision," where he defeated Brian Cage in singles competition. He was scheduled to face his former partner Swerve Strickland at the Worlds End event, only to be replaced by his Naturally Limitless cohort Dustin Rhodes later on.

As of this writing, Lee hasn't provided a timeline regarding his return. However, in a separate X post, he revealed that he's working hard to make it happen and once again thanked his fans for having them in their thoughts.


"Doing everything I can to get things handled. Unexpectedly, It turns out I got some more than decent people in my corner. They know who they are.... and I am forever appreciative. All will be well in time. They will help me get done, what needs to be done. Appreciate the Love."

Lee might have some unfinished business with Strickland upon his return, as they still haven't had their blowoff match. A lot has changed since their last meeting, though, as Strickland won the AEW World Championship at Dynasty.