Nic Nemeth And Thunder Rosa Analyze Willow Nightingale And Mercedes Mone's AEW Feud

Before her AEW debut, Mercedes Mone clashed with Willow Nightingale at NJPW STRONG Resurgence 2023, which led to her injury. Due to this, there's a lot of kayfabe bad blood between the two, and they're currently building up to a TBS Championship match for AEW Double or Nothing. Speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Nic Nemeth and Thunder Rosa weighed in on the heated feud.


While Nemeth praised the mic work in last week's angle between Mone and Nightingale, he questioned why "The CEO" came across as if she was overacting. "You're like, 'Is this purposely — is she purposely doing this?' Because now we're starting to see through this, or is it just not her strong suit? So, I don't know the difference in the two." Additionally, he noted that Nightingale seems to be exhibiting a different side to her persona.

The fan consensus around Mone's next move has been largely divided, with some claiming she should win gold due to her stardom, while others believe she'll end up burying the division if that happens. According to Thunder Rosa, Mone needs to win the title in order to prove herself. 


Similarly to Nemeth, Rosa also praised Nightingale, describing her current run as the best work in her career. "I think, right now, she's like the biggest babyface in the women's division and AEW, and I'm just really happy to see her."

Nic Nemeth and Thunder Rosa believe Willow Nightgale is one of the biggest babyfaces in AEW

Willow Nightingale has notably been praised for her mic work in recent weeks, with harsh critics like Bully Ray believing the latest "Dynamite" segment between her and Mercedes Mone had nothing to nit-pick. According to Thunder Rosa, one of the reasons why Nightingale has gotten over with fans recently is due to how she's able to emotionally connect with them. 


"I saw it when I was commentator and I saw her coming out, and like how naturally people just gravitated towards her with her music, with her smiling, how positive she is." Rosa even went as far as to compare her persona to WWE Superstar Bayley's "Hugger" gimmick.

In response to his co-host, Nic Nemeth emphasized how impressive it is for Nightingale to slowly grow her character in ways that allows the audience to take her more seriously. "You now have to double down and go when it gets to the ring action — 'I gotta make things happen, crack a few heads' just to back it up and that's what she's been doing and that's an even bigger step."

Rosa then claimed that Nightingale has layers to her character. The AEW star also explained how difficult it is for a champion to get over after capturing the belt, but opined that the TBS Champion has managed to do this. "She's even like super, super, super over and is the face of the division of TBS."


Thunder Rosa pointed out that this match could make or break Mercedes Mone's career

Many fans likely still recall Mercedes Mone for her lengthy WWE run and the accolades she picked up while there as Sasha Banks. Thunder Rosa also praised "The CEO" for the many contributions she's made to wrestling, noting that she's the first woman to make the jump, and that leaning on this could even give her the heat needed for the feud.


"It's probably the most important match in her career because the anticipation is really high," she said. Adding to this, Rosa pointed out that the bar is high for the feud and that fans will likely never let them live it down if the match is a dud. "They better deliver because if they don't they're gonna eat them alive."

Nic Nemeth then recalled how long he was out of action and tried to put himself into Mone's mind going into the pay-per-view. "But man, two years coming down to this huge match with everybody watching? This is make or break for that division on that show and I hope they absolutely deliver."

On a final note, Rosa explained that Mone's mere presence in AEW has changed things for the promotion, and this is the thing fans have to focus on. "I feel like we have been able to do a lot more in the women's division," she said. "There's a lot more segments for the women, and we have to see that in a positive way."


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