Jey Uso Explains Why WWE Was 'Overwhelming' In The Past

While Jey Uso has come into his own as a singles star over the past few years, it took a long time for the Yeet Man to get to where he is now. In fact, some would be surprised by how long its taken, as Uso is now entering his 14th year in the WWE, having debuted in the promotion back in 2010 alongside his brother, long-time tag team partner, and recent rival, Jimmy Uso.


Speaking with "The Battleground Podcast" last Friday, Uso compared his current status in WWE to when he started out, admitting it took awhile to feel secure with his place in WWE.

"It's way easier now than it was almost 15 years ago," Uso said. "Because coming in as a tag team with my brother that long ago, we always had this in our vision, trying can we separate ourselves from our own damn family? Cause everyone was stars, just huge stars. It got kind of overwhelming. But like I just just stick to the grind and it'll just happen. This a sprint, it's a marathon for sure. And I feel like if you put the work in here and you just stick to the it, those things will naturally unfold for you."


Uso noted that, in addition to himself and his brother, their cousins Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa had also been able to separate themselves from the reputations of family members such Uso's father, Rikishi, and his uncle Yokozuna. That separation has also given Uso a chance to step back and enjoy the wrestling legacy of his family.

"Sometimes, I'm like 'Man, it's cool being a part of this family,'" Uso said. "I'm still kind of a fangirl for my own people, if that makes sense."

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