How Bully Ray Thinks WWE Should Handle Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker is seemingly positioned to be one of WWE's biggest future stars, especially coming off of a strong and lengthy run in "NXT" before being promoted to the main roster. Speaking on an episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray shared his take on what direction the promotion should take Breakker into next.


After praising Breaker's dominating showing on the May 20 edition of "WWE Raw," Ray suggested that the company should take a similar route with the second-generation star as they initially did with Veer Mahan. "I hope they go a similar route with Bron that I thought they should've went with Veer Mahan when he first started. In the first two weeks I really loved what they did with him, where he had absolutely no regard for anybody and he just ploughed through people."

Bully also explained that everyone in WWE should actively fear Breakker right now, noting that he should turn heel, despite being over with fans. "You know, some fans like these types of heels. I'd definitely go the heel route with Bron Breaker, first. Because, as we know in wrestling, the best babyfaces are always the best heels."


The veteran recalled his own experiences with Breaker, and praised him for his eagerness to grow. "From my interactions with Bron, [he's] a sponge; wants to learn, wants to get as good as possible, as quick as he possibly can. Nothing but upside for him."

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