Arn Anderson's Advice For AEW Star MJF

"The Enforcer" Arn Anderson joined "Sportskeeda WrestleBinge" and gave high praise to former AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman. However, the veteran also had some words of wisdom to share with the young star. 


"MJF is unlimited in what he can achieve in this business as long as — you gotta take less chances in this business than a lot of these guys take. And I've seen him do that: were they spectacular? Yes. Were they athletic? Yes. Were they incredible? Yes. But did they [the matches] particularly need it?"

The WWE Hall of Famer clarified that he was not specifically referring to MJF, but generally warned today's wrestlers that beating their body up for high spots may end up with a shortened career. MJF has been out of action with injuries since December 2023 with his return date still unknown. One of the pillars and most popular stars of AEW being gone for several months and counting is a notable hit to the promotion, with fans anxiously awaiting news on "The Salt of the Earth's" return. That said, MJF's AEW contract status is still unclear as well.


During the interview, Anderson also noted that he's still feeling the toll of his own wrestling career, and he didn't perform high-risk moves. "You've seen me hobbling these halls and I've never came off the top rope, never. I just knew I couldn't do it effectively. I didn't dropkick, there's not one record of me doing a dropkick; I was unable to do 'em. You gotta know your limitations and figure out what you do and just do it well."

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