Jeff Jarrett Explains How Randy Savage Paved The Way For Logan Paul & Ric Flair

"Macho Man" Randy Savage left a legacy behind in pro wrestling as big as his larger-than-life on-screen character. While many believe his character work paved the way for many to follow in his footsteps, Jeff Jarrett thinks the WWE Hall of Famer made strides outside of wrestling for both Logan Paul and Ric Flair to follow.


Speaking on the "My World" podcast, Jarrett recalled Savage's partnership with Slim Jim, noting that he might have been the first wrestling star to blend into pop culture with a brand. "And now there's Logan Paul and PRIME, and with professional wrestling and sports entertainment we have Draft Kings and you know, there's Ric Flair with Wooooo! Energy, and you kinda look at all the sponsors and all this."

As he continued to describe the brand partnership, Jarrett noted how Slim Jim interestingly adapted to Savage and not the other way around. "He became that larger-than-life mega talent that was truly an influence. He influenced a brand to follow him. They weren't [in] alignment with the WWF brand, they were in alignment with the Macho Man Randy Savage brand."


Based on this, Jarrett opined that Savage's legacy was his IP, and wondered whether this might have been a reason for his falling out with Vince McMahon and WWE. "I think that was just kind of at the core of –- maybe –- him and Vince's falling out? Or even WWE and him falling out? He was a big brand; the Macho Man brand is probably his legacy."

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