WWE's Cody Rhodes On Whether Return To Company Has Met His Expectations

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes has recently shared if returning to WWE in 2022 has met his expectations, especially after defeating Roman Reigns for the title at WrestleMania 40. 

In a recent appearance on "The Babyfaces Podcast," Rhodes expressed his gratitude for everyone he was able to share the ring with at WrestleMania 40 when he defeated "The Tribal Chief." He also explained how winning that match felt like his life's work in wrestling culminating in one moment. 


"You have your life's work kind of come together in a matter of three seconds even though it takes years and years and there's a promise I made when I was eight years old. But I was surrounded by just such wonderful people and Wrestlemania 40, I think, is just going to age like wine, in a sense of what we all did that night and it was very prominent that here, this most successful period that WWE has ever had, it's not just one person. I know Mr. Heyman would like to give Roman all the credit, I get it, but it's not just one person."

Since returning, Rhodes has competed in four WrestleMania matches, has been victorious in back-to-back men's Royal Rumble matches, won the "WWE RAW" Tag Team championships alongside Jey Uso, and is now the Undisputed WWE Champion in just over two years in WWE.


Cody Rhodes thanks a former AEW star

Cody Rhodes also mentioned a former AEW star, Shawn Spears, who has also returned to WWE, as someone he would've loved to share the ring with when celebrating his title victory over Reigns. "The American Nightmare" thanked Spears for teaching him wrestling fundamentals throughout his career and wishes he was given more credit. 


"Shawn (Spears) was there to lead me through it and he does not get enough credit from me for how special he is. He is the only person that I regret I didn't have in the ring after WrestleMania because I saw him that day and we just took a picture together and he was just like he always was, he knew what this day was ... gosh, dude, I wouldn't be where I'm at without Shawn Spears. He is a blessing to the business and I'm so glad to see him in NXT."

Spears and Rhodes share a long history, having been together in a tag team when they started off in OVW, WWE's then-developmental territory, at the beginning of their WWE careers. Over a decade later, the two had their first feud with each other, this time over in AEW, in 2019 and 2020, putting a ribbon on their story. 


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