Trent Beretta Says He's 'Done' After Losing To Orange Cassidy At AEW Double Or Nothing

Trent Beretta was left embarrassed by Orange Cassidy in their grudge match at AEW Double or Nothing, walking out of the arena through the crowd, looking very much like a man taking his ball and going home.


The former Best Friends duked it out in a physical contest, with Cassidy adopting a darker ring attire to set the tone. The match itself came to an end abruptly, with "Freshly Squeezed" managing to maneuver Beretta into a quick pin for the victory. After which, Beretta stormed out of the ring to be met by his Roppongi Vice teammate, Rocky Romero, who tried to reason with his partner as Renee Paquette rushed to get a comment after the loss. It was then that he simply declared that he was "done" with no further context, pushing Romero away as he left the arena. 

The loss was a significant bump in the road for Beretta, having turned on Cassidy in April to ignite this feud. He later faced his long-time tag team partner, Chuck Taylor, in a Parking Lot Brawl as a result of the turn and would win that bout. It has since transpired that the brawl may have been Taylor's final match.