WWE's Austin Theory Challenges UFC Star To A Handicap Match

Austin Theory hasn't just been resting on his laurels since winning the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Grayson Waller at WrestleMania 40. A-Town Down Under have held the titles for 50 days as of writing and have seen great success, from defending their titles against The Street Profits to bringing episodes of The Grayson Waller Effect to an international audience in Saudi Arabia. Recently, in an interview with Battleground Podcast, Theory set his sights on even bigger and more spectacular ventures, challenging not one, but several UFC talent to a wrestling match.


"Is it Conor McGregor? Is that who we want? Is that who wants to step up to Austin Theory, the undefeated tag team champion?" Theory asked. "I mean, maybe Conor's so tough, maybe he just wants to fight both the tag team champions. So maybe he has a handicap match because, you know, his ego. Because me and Grayson Waller, we don't have egos, you know? We're very set straight, we work hard, we're champions. We show up to work, only if we're not busy. So, Conor McGregor, maybe that's the crossover."

Theory and Waller are undefeated so far in tag team title defenses, but technically have a loss on their record. Following this interview, the team of LA Knight and The Street Profits defeated their short-lived venture with Carmelo Hayes on the May 24 episode of "WWE SmackDown". Regardless, Theory's debatable ego knew no bounds, as Theory enthusiastically expanded his UFC/WWE crossover proposal.


"But really, any of the UFC guys. I mean, that'd be pretty cool to see, you know?" Theory elaborated. "And watching those punches go from that to up on my shoulders into an A-Town Down, you know? Not ready for that! But I'm down. I'm down, I'm excited! Why not?"