Konnan Ponders Possibility Of Absent WWE Star Having Backstage Heat

Former WCW star Konnan has weighed up possible reasons for MVP not featuring much on WWE television recently.

During a recent edition of "K100," Disco Inferno highlighted how MVP was over with the audience during the pandemic, when he was the manager of The Hurt Business. Konnan talked about the history he shared with the WWE star, while also discussing the possible reason for MVP not being on TV lately.


"I don't know [why MVP is not being used much]," said Konnan. "The only thing I can think of — and I don't think he'd be this dumb to do it is, "Black Magic" Norman Smiley, who is a friend of both of us, 'cause all three of us are from Miami, and he told MVP — as a matter of fact, me and MVP are from the same neighborhood — so, he [MVP] was very, very outspoken and opinionated like I was, and he [Smiley] always used to say, 'You need to meet this guy, he's just like you. He says what's on his mind and he don't give a f**k.' I wonder if backstage he said something that was on his mind — which I would doubt it, because I think he'd be smart enough now to understand — been given a second chance and he's doing good. I wonder if he mouthed off the wrong thing, but I thought he was great on TV."


Konnan added that MVP can get anyone over as a manager, and looks the part too. MVP has been off WWE television for a few months, with him last serving as Omos' manager on-screen. The veteran star, who revealed earlier this year that he considered retiring prior to his current run in WWE, recently revealed on social media that he is set to get stem cell therapy to cure his shoulder and knee pain.