Lex Luger On If An NWO Angle Could Work In AEW In 2024

Over the last several months, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson of the Young Bucks have been re-organizing The Elite, creating a new faction of heels on AEW television that are, in many ways, reminiscent of the NWO in WCW. Speaking on "Lex Expressed," former WCW and WWE star Lex Luger was asked if AEW and its owner Tony Khan could pull off an NWO-style "company takeover" storyline in the modern era.


"It could work [but] I think it's gonna be difficult," Luger said. "Tony — he's from a billionaire family. Tony owns [AEW] and has the final say. So you can do some creative stuff storyline-wise but I don't think anybody's gonna think actually that the Young Bucks or any group of wrestlers is gonna be taking over AEW, based on the ownership with Tony."

Instead of remaining a faceless figure behind the scenes, Khan has been a focal point of attention for wrestling fans since starting AEW in 2019. Because of that, Luger believes fans would find it difficult to suspend their disbelief enough to buy into a genuine power struggle in AEW. Continuing to discuss Khan, Luger said that even though the CEO may not get everything right, he nonetheless has the best intentions.


"He loves wrestling," Luger continued. "He started out as a wrestling fan, which I love. And he bought in — now he owns a company. I think he's doing the very best that he can for sure. I have no doubts about that when I look at Tony."

Luger pointed out that the existence of two significant wrestling companies in the United States is good for the fans, as competition will drive everyone to do better. Additionally, with wrestlers having more than one option to negotiate with, it means performers will also make more money.

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